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Sacred beauty & wellness 


Women have sought ways to slow down and listen to their inner wisdom for thousands of years. More specifically, the feminine journey calls a woman to center herself, her experience, and her values. Founded in 2020, Sacred Beauty and Wellness provides a container for women to embrace every aspect of the sacred feminine.

. The invention of Sacred Beauty and Wellness is the logical continuation of longing for stillness, to connect more deeply with our bodies, with each other, and with the divine.



Sacred Beauty and Wellness’s mission is to encourage women to embrace every aspect of the sacred feminine by providing spiritual products and wellness services that center the self and move the woman towards her individualized journey of self-actualization.


Sacred Beauty and Wellness’s vision is to become one of the premier providers in sacred feminine restoration, mindfulness, self-exploration, reconnection, and self-development coaching. Our groundbreaking products and services allow women to make beauty a form of self-care and wellness a form of self-exploration.


Hello Goddess

Hello, I am Shemika Harris, the Owner & Founder of Sacred Beauty and Wellness. 


 As I reflect on my soul's evolution, I have always been in a relationship with the sacred feminine. However, somewhere along my journey, I silenced her voice. 


Centering my worthiness solely on what I could give or provide, I learned to neglect a very important person, me. As I began to accept this realization, life forced me to pause, self-assess, and turn my attention inwards. Utilizing my counseling and psychological expertise, I began to establish a new foundation. However, my transformation didn’t begin until I integrated spirituality and feminine wisdom. This transformation required me to process and heal past traumas, eliminate erroneous beliefs, and most importantly, learn to embrace every aspect of my feminine being.  


As I continue to develop and embrace the feminine gnosis emerging within, I am continuously evolving. Moving from a one-dimensional being constantly seeking to embody perfection into a woman who has learned to accept her weaknesses has been a difficult process. I am not a guru, expert, or perfect human being. I am a teacher, coach, priestess, and guide who understands this process and desires to support women on the journey to become their ideal self-actualized selves. 

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