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 Sacred Cycle of Winter Coaching

One of the quickest ways to align with feminine energy is to reintegrate the sacred cycles in our life. The first step is understanding these cycles and how they may affect your life. By understanding how they affect you, you can begin to notice when they are out of balance or unbalanced and make changes accordingly!


The seasons are sacred to women as we are the physical embodiments of nature. Therefore, these four phases are called: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter - or more commonly known as Birth, Growth, Harvesting, and Death, respectively.


The seasons represent an internal process within you. Spring symbolizes rebirth and the planting of new seeds. During the summer, the energy grows and expands into an abundance. In the Fall, we harvest this abundance birthed in the spring. At the same time, winter is an opportunity for us to return to our mother's womb, which now lies within you. Winter is a time of reflection, rest, and renewal. It's also a time when many people feel depressed and disconnected from their loved ones.


If you're stuck in winter—or trying to figure out how to make the most of it—you've come to the right place! This 90-day program will explain how winter holds deep symbolic meaning for women, explore how your feminine energy emerges during this time, provide reflective questions, and embrace feminine practices that align with your soul.


Image by Alisa Anton


The coaching is a 90-day program (12/21/22-3/20/23), which includes five (45-minute zoom calls). You can schedule your calls at any time that works for your schedule.  You'll also receive emails with links to resources and reference materials. As your coach, I will also be available by email if you need anything between calls.

One of the main elements of this program is living in rhythm with Nature's cycles. This means we will be doing self-care practices that honor the Sacred Cycle of Winter while integrating those themes into your daily life during this season.

Our programs are designed to provide women with deep healing, connection, and nourishment, so please know that you're not alone on this journey! We're excited to support you on your growth path.

Let's explore the face of the  Feminine together.

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