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 Feminine Reintegration Coaching

The Feminine is a deep and powerful force. She is the power that flows through us, from the smallest child to the oldest elder. This Feminine Reintegration Coaching Program is designed to help you reconnect with the feminine energy. It is an ancient, divine energy that has been lost but is reemerging in our modern world, and it can be a powerful way to heal and expand your life.



In this program, we will explore sacred feminine energy in 13 weekly coaching sessions, with particular embodiment tools and practices to help you reintegrate this energy into your life.

 I prioritize exploring your relationship to feminine energy in a safe and supportive environment guided by me. Each week we'll delve into different dimensions of feminine power, from sensual embodiment rituals to self-care practices. We'll also do some deep dive work into the parts of yourself that might be holding you back from embodying this energy fully—and then we'll help you move past those blocks so that you can fully embody it in your life!

This is an introductory program, so no prior experience with feminine energy is necessary. It's all about getting started on your journey toward embodying this energy and integrating it into your life.

Let's explore the face of the  Feminine together.

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