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 Feminine  energy Quiz


of the
Sacred Feminine

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It's no secret that the current world is a man's world, but that wasn't always the case. The Sacred Feminine is a powerful force that can be found in all of us. When we tap into this part of ourselves, we are more connected to ourselves and the world around us.

In the beginning 


The Sacred Feminine is a cosmological construct predating monotheistic religions and patriarchy. It can be traced back to human inception in Africa. Anthropologists attribute women as the founders of agriculture, as women thrived in farming because of their observance of the lunar cycle. During this time, women were viewed as spiritual beings, primarily because women possessed wombs, the creation portals for physical life.

Women were strongly associated with the Moon, as the lunar cycle observance made the spiritual realm and process of creation, growth, death, and rebirth accessible to women. The Sacred Feminine is connected to all things feminine:

  • Menstruation (cognizant of its cyclical nature).

  • Pregnancy (which requires an intuitive understanding).

  • Childbirth (and intuitively knowing how to deliver babies naturally).

  • Motherhood (which requires an intuitive understanding). 

The Feminine Arises from the Water


The Venusian energy is one of beauty, love, and peace. This energy is intertwined with motherhood, goddesses, and women's empowerment. It represents the divine feminine energy that has been suppressed for many years.

In ancient times, the Venusian energy was expressed in art and ritual through relics that show how women were strongly related to Venusian energy since their bodies were used to create art venerating women's bodies and adorning themselves with jewelry. This showed that individual expressions of sexuality were welcomed and sacred sexuality honored pleasure between two lovers. Thus sex, for women, moved beyond procreation for progeny; sex was also a pleasurable act.




During the Sacred Feminine, feminine energy existed beyond the relational roles such as mother, lover, daughter, sister, or friend. The Feminine expressed power in society in the visible and invisible world.


They were leaders and warriors, strategists and healers. They understood the spiritual world better than men because they possessed gifts of prophecy and communication with the invisible realms.


As priestesses, they served as mediators between humans and the unseen realms. Women also played essential roles in agriculture by cultivating crops, tending to livestock, and serving as leaders. 

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