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Exploring the Shadow Lover

Hello Sacred Beauty!

So this week, we are going to explore one of the four faces of the feminine: the Lover. But, more importantly, we will discuss some of the shadow aspects of the Lover that may hurt our sense of self or intimate connections.

In the following video, I will discuss how the larger society plays a role in what we believe is valuable, how men's expression of beauty influences our sense of self and self-worth, and explore the psychological concept of self-esteem.


Part II

In Part II, I am showing the connection between self-esteem/self-worth and the Feminine Face of the Lover. When women are reared in environments that do not affirm their self-worth, they will naturally seek this affirmation outside themselves via a relationship or romantic partner.

Consequences of low self-worth can be detrimental for women as it may result in the following issues:

  1. Attempting to embody a projection of "femininity" instead of taking time to learn more about yourself.

  2. Willingness to be so devoted to our partner/husband that we forgo our own dreams and untapped potential.

  3. When we merge with another and become so enmeshed in their world, we may unconsciously give our dreams away or pursue other dreams.


Part III

Finally, I close with a couple of suggestions we can explore in examining our shadow Lover.

  1. The feminine can be explored via writing, talking, etc., and those tools are important. However, I have found "experiencing" the feminine provides an internal shift that allows us to connect with our inner knowing. This is why I created the Sacred Feminine Collection Kits filled with sensual goodies intentionally designed to connect you with your Inner Creatress, Priestess, Queen, and in this case, Lover.

  2. For some of us who lost our way or need some redirection, I have the following questions you can explore (via journaling, talking to your friend, whatever works for you).

  3. Naturally aligning with the Goddess energy that complements you.

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