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Sagittarius Full Moon, Law of Reciprocity, and Offerings

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Happy Sunday and Happy Upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Reflecting on this upcoming full moon and potential guidance, I was gently reminded to re-explore the Law of Reciprocity and Offerings and provide a reflection that may resonate with you.

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is generous, overflowing, and merciful. This energy is full of optimism and hope for a better future. Considering the recent events over the past few weeks, we all need hope for a better future. The fire of Sagittarius emerges after we experience the rebirth process in Scorpio. We are all experiencing a rebirth and beginning a new journey as a collective. We are now ready to see the larger world on our heroine's journey. We are ready to expand our horizons, see life through the eyes of others, and chart a new path.

So let's connect the Sagittarius Full Moon with the Law of Reciprocity.

The Law of Reciprocity, in my opinion, is one of the first laws one encounters when engaging with the feminine. There are four forms of feminine energy: the Lover, Priestess, Queen, and the Creatress, often seen as the Mother. Contrary to the Western depiction of feminine energy, often portraying the Creatress as the Giving Mother or Sacrificial Mother contradicts true feminine nature. Nature is based on balance, give and take, which is also one of the themes of Gemini, which is depicted in the Lovers Card below.

A supernatural force (the angel) brings two souls together, and love emerges because both parties are willing to GIVE and RECEIVE from each other. I believe the card also symbolizes our relationship with the Divine Feminine in that she is willing to give blessings if you are willing to give blessings to the earth, water, or someone you know. Nothing opens a new path of attraction like an offering.

For those who engage in any system venerating nature, offerings are a powerful tool to open the road in life, heighten attraction, or bring forward the auspiciousness of wealth, love, and good health. This Full Moon in Sagittarius is full of the energy of luck, abundance, and goodwill, and paired with the Law of Reciprocity, what you give, you will receive.

If you GIVE love, you RECEIVE love.

If you GIVE unsolicited criticism, you RECEIVE unsolicited advice.

If you constantly TAKE and never GIVE, the channels of abundance become dry.

So, if this message resonates with you, this Full Moon, visit a body of water and make an offering of honey, fruit, or flowers. The pictures of my offerings can give you an idea of what you can offer. I will say that honey increases our attraction (Oshun, Lakshmi, Matangi).

Water represents our emotions, so giving honey to the water sweetens our emotional state. Water also represents currency, so giving honey, especially to a river, attracts currency to you, and keeps the flow of currency flowing. Flowers are associated with Jupiter, and Jupiter is the element of ether. So giving flowers expands our SPACE to receive more. You can also offer fruit. For example, if you choose to offer a melon, a fruit sacred to La Siren, consider what this fruit SYMBOLIZES and what you desire to attract in your life.

What should I request?

You can request whatever you choose. When I presented the offering this year, I expressed appreciation for the blessings I have received; I asked for protection for my friends, family, and clients and asked the feminine to increase the energies of love, community, and appreciation for life here in NOLA.

Who should you make the offering to?

Well, this year, I presented an offering to my female ancestors and other

divine feminine energies

that have blessed me, and there have been many. I will include a couple below that you may feel guided to research and learn more about. So if you are new to this, connect to your Inner Priestess and follow your guidance. As always, start with your ancestors as simply acknowledging your FEMALE ancestors is a powerful act. Remember, the Moon is associated with all things concerning women, especially female ancestors. Call their names, express your desire, and give gratitude for their presence in your life.

What if I can't visit the water?

If you cannot visit the water, simply offering water to the earth is powerful. In this act, you can simply pour water on the ground, express thanks, or express gratitude to your ancestors. Consider what does water mean to you? Both water and earth are feminine elements, whereas fire and air are masculine in nature. Consider this: What happens when the sun penetrates the ground, and there is no water? What is the connection for you between water and earth? What happens when we water the earth?

Finally, here is the primary message.

Offerings are simply ENERGY and POWER.

In conclusion, this Full Moon is a time to celebrate the new paths opening in your life, and if guided to, make an offering to bring those blessings or experiences you desire to see in your life.


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