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Taurus Lunar Cycle Affirmations (April 30th-May 29th)

Hello, Sacred Beauties!

So I want to try something different, entertain me for a moment. We often look for messages and insights for significant moments like the New Moon or Full Moon. More specifically, we want to know or understand how these energies emerge in our lives. We are drawn to videos, and sometimes the message resonates, and sometimes it does not.

Well, I want to help us strengthen our Inner Priestess.

So I was intuitively guided to develop 12 Taurus Lunar Cycle affirmations. These affirmations are based on themes associated with Taurus. The process is outlined below.

So, let's check out the twelve affirmations in the gallery below. Remember, ladies, read all 12 affirmations and note the specific numbers that RESONATE with you. When I say RESONATE, I am referring to the affirmation that lights a fire within, and it is a yes...that's ME!

That's what you want to ATTRACT and MAGNETIZE.


Now that you have selected the affirmation or affirmations(s), here is the message. Don't be surprised if you select an affirmation that refers to Virgo and you're an Aries. It does not matter; remember all 12 signs exist within your psyche. You're learning to set intentions based on what you WANT to attract, not someone else's projection.

So here are the messages.

Taurus Affirmation #1 Aries: The Pioneer

Aries rules the self, body, character, appearance, ego, competition, and independence. If you're chartering a new path, go forward with the self-confidence of an Arian. In this lunar cycle, you create a new template or paradigm, and other women look to you as a role model. It sounds very Aquarian; only you are interested in mastering yourself before bringing others alone. As you smash your goals this month, make sure you engage in self-care practices that bring pleasure. What do you value about your body? How can you spend more time loving those parts of your body you may want to change?

Taurus Affirmation #2 Pisces: The Dreamer

Pisces rules our dreams, the unconscious, imagination, dreams, retreating from the world, sickness, loss, and helping others. So if you selected this affirmation, you are a Dreamer. During this cycle, you are using your unique gifts to bring pleasure to others, and in doing so, you feel like a Goddess. You love creating experiences where others can connect to something more meaningful and forget about their stressors. Considering the past two years and the losses many have incurred, you feel this viscerally. Make sure you uphold your boundaries and realize you have one job. No one needs you to save them; they want you to remind them of happier times.

Taurus Affirmation #3 Taurus: The Sensualist

Taurus rules our self-worth, resources, stability, money, devotion, sensuality, and pleasure. These themes emerge within Inner Lover, Queen, and Creatress. Happy feelings are in the air, and your Inner Lover wants to FEEL all these happy feelings. During this period, you are the Empress, and abundance, love, beauty, and growth surround you. Your Creatress energy is growing and expanding, but make sure you keep your resources in order. Whenever you start a project, the Taurean energy ensures it is completed. As you build your foundation during this cycle, balance your work with pleasure. How are you an embodiment of the Empress energy, and how can you honor this energy in your life daily. What seeds are you planting that will ripen in Scorpio season? Finally, as the sensualist, explore the opposite side of Taurus, which is Scorpio and sexuality. How do you feel about your sexuality? How have your sensuality and sexuality influenced your self-worth?

Taurus Affirmation #4 Aquarius: The Visionary

Aquarius rules humanity, social groups, wishes, alliances, and our hopes for the future. If you selected this affirmation, your social influence reaches a broader audience. Those who are connecting to you love your fresh perspective. Take time this month to carve out that vision so you can attract the right women. Maybe you should do a vision board? Remember, your strength is bringing forward a new thought and using your influence to show other women you are a trusted leader who is vested in their wellbeing and growth.

Taurus Affirmation #5 Gemini: The Messenger

This affirmation is associated with Gemini, which rules communication, short trips, neighborhood, school, and siblings. So this month, maybe you are exploring becoming more social, building connections, communication, learning new things, giving a talk, exploring local neighborhoods, and strengthening your relationships with siblings. You could see these themes emerge through your Inner Priestess or Inner Lover. What groups value your message?

Taurus Affirmation # 6 Capricorn: The Ruler

Hello Capricorn! Capricorn rules the career, public life, reputation, the father. So you are exploring authority, and Capricorn is associated with external authority. In contrast, your opposite, Cancer, challenges you to honor the authority gained through our inner wisdom. Are you wavering on a decision or move because you seek someone else's approval? Maybe you are working on a goal requiring you to interact with public institutions and feel insecure? As the affirmation stated, the more you remind yourself of past achievements and your ability to persist and remain confident in yourself you will achieve the goal. You could see these themes emerge through your Inner Queen or Inner Lover.

Taurus Affirmation #7 Cancer: The Nurturer

Hello, my fellow Nurturer; you selected the Cancer affirmation. Cancer is associated with emotional protection, the Mother, our private life, heritage, children, water, and past. It sounds like you have found your tribe or are building one. The beautiful thing about a tribe is that every member contributes to the nourishment of the tribe. What is your role in your tribe? How has your cultural identity/heritage played a role in who you are becoming? What do you value about your tribe? These themes may emerge via your Inner Creatress (who we nurture) or Priestess (what are we learning, interpreting, and understanding).

Taurus Affirmation #8 Sagittarius: The Explorer

Sagittarius rules publishing, higher education, philosophy, GOOD LUCK, faith, foreign things, and travel. If you chose this affirmation, you're ready to explore and see the world. You find VALUE (Taurus) in getting outside your everyday environment. More importantly, you're prepared to learn from others and share your experiences with those different from you. Your Inner Creatress wants to birth something new, and it sounds like this month, you have an aspiration you want to see come to fruition. How can you use your faith to manifest (Taurus) your goal?

Taurus Affirmation #9 Leo: The Performer

Leo rules our self-expression, creativity, SEX, children, pleasure, romance, and gambling. Leo is fixed fire, and when paired with Taurus, fixed earth, here's what happens. If you focus your fire or energy in a particular direction, Taurus will help you manifest it. So this period, it's time for you to remember how VALUABLE (Taurus) your unique gifts are (singing, dancing, painting, etc.) and how you can use your talents to create monetary resources (Taurus). Remember, you know how to create pleasurable experiences, and there are individuals, i.e., wealthy patrons and benefactors, who would be happy to see you rise and shine!

Taurus Affirmation #10 Scorpio: The Alchemist

Scorpio rules our shared resources, taboo subjects, death and transformation, psychology, inheritances, and sexuality. Turning lead into gold was thought to be a mythical fantasy. Still, there are divine feminines who are transforming inner poisons into wine. So if you choose this affirmation this month, you are beginning to see your inner power, and don't be afraid. Scorpio 2021 season was a pivotal point in your inner psychology, and something within you switched. This Scorpio Full Moon on May 16th will show you that hard work was never in vain. Scorpio represents the fixed emotion (Inner Lover) focused on improving your self-worth (Taurus) finally begins to materialize this lunar cycle.

Taurus Affirmation #11 Virgo: The Healer

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is healing. We can start first by healing ourselves—Virgo rules routines, illness, injuries, service, career, health. When we think of Taurus, we often think of the abundance of wealth and love and sometimes forget to request or express gratitude for an abundance of good health. In this cycle, you are reminded to remember to connect with your Inner Creatress and nourish yourself with the right food, people, and activities to maintain the health of your temple. If you have suffered from illnesses or injuries, what preventative measures can you take to alleviate these issues? Is it time for a wellness checkup? What daily rituals are you implementing to ensure you are in total alignment?

Taurus Affirmation #12 Libra: The Lover

Hey Lover, this is more than a crush. Libra rules diplomacy, marital and business partnerships, open enemies, the arts, and diplomacy. Many believe Taurus is the feminine version of Venus, whereas Libra is the masculine side of Venus. So during this cycle, as a Lover, you are being celebrated by your partner or seeking to attract a partner who sees you as a Goddess. One of the essential points in the affirmation is releasing the need to shapeshift. Libra often receives the projections of others and may unconsciously feel the shadow aspect of their Inner Priestess to shapeshift. However, you're in a cycle where you are embracing your authenticity, and your partner values your authenticity.

Have fun!

If you need additional help or would like a quick coaching session, send me a message (Instagram).

-Dr. Shemika Harris

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