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The Compassionate Creatress: Goddess Tara

Hello, Sacred Beauties!

As one of the four psychic principles existing within the feminine psyche, the Creatress is the instinctual function that guides us to create, nurture, protect, and destroy. A great example of the Creatress in its Mother/Protector/Destroyer form is the Goddess Tara.

Goddess Tara is known in the Buddhist and Hindu tradition, and I am most familiar with her presence through my study of the Mahavidyas or the ten Hindu Goddesses of Wisdom.

With her wide-open eyes, Tara sees all injustices and acts to alleviate them in order to realize purification and liberation for all. Imagine a feminine aspect of divinity whose love is unconditional, which was hard for me to grasp and accept as I have always struggled with perfection and worthiness that was conditional. The Goddess Tara strives selflessly to help us purify our minds, our consciousness, so we are liberated from the tyranny of our egoistic mind which is responsible for endless suffering and confusion.

It is only human for us to anthropomorphize divine qualities so we can understand ourselves and the world. We project our greatness on others or create “forms” to embody these qualities.

However, within each woman, exists a Tara, an aspect of you that seeks to purify your mind of poisonous thoughts and most importantly embrace unconditional love. When we are in the shadow form of Tara, we are caught in the web of “shoulds” which are often imposed on us from others, our tribe, society, and culture.

I can readily relate to the shadow aspect of Tara, as for most of my life I can honestly, but unfortunately see how my soul was guided sometimes by the "shoulds" and an incessant desire to people please or maintain harmonious relationships.

What I had not realized was the gradual deterioration of my soul and authenticity, more importantly, I was killing the divinity within. There was no devil holding me hostage, it was me.

However, as we release the “shoulds” and accept our worthiness, we own and appreciate our inner light, instead of projecting it on others. As a Creatress, Tara challenges us to pause and examine the "shoulds" guiding our life, and examine if it is time to create new beliefs centered on wholeness and integration instead of fragmenting the soul.

More importantly, are we treating our souls with compassion?

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