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As a spiritual symbol, water relaxes the body, purifies the spirit, connects our soul to the Divine, and symbolizes our unconscious. According to a discovery by     Dr. Masuru Emoto, the structure of water responds to our thoughts, intentions, and words. Water responds positively to positive thoughts, beautiful music, uplifting speech, and prayers by forming symmetrical crystals.

Conversely, water forms ugly asymmetrical crystals due to negative words. Dr. Emoto's work bridges the gap between science and spirit, as his work confirms what our ancestors have always known. Combining positive intention, natural elements, and water can shift a soul from fear to love. 

The Power of Water 

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Ancient Water Sites  


On the Southeast-Asian island of Timor, every group has a particular spring where the ancestors are traditionally addressed in water-drawing rituals. In the Hindu Buddhist mythologies, a Naga adopts the human form and protects the rivers and wells. In Ethiopia, the source of the Blue Nile plays a special role in Christian mythology and cosmology. In the past, lavish ox sacrifices were made, as the indigenous, Negede-woyto, believe water is divine. 


In Haiti, thousands of people gather at a mountainside waterfall for the Roman Catholic Feast of Notre Dame du Mount Carmel, referred to as the Miracle Virgin. The practice started in 1849 after a farmer stated that he had seen the Virgin Mary in a nearby palm tree. The president ordered the creation of a chapel in honor of the miracle virgin. However, before the revelation, it was believed that the water was filled with powerful energy, healing power, and new possibilities. Much like the Haitians, the Japanese consider the waterfalls as sacred, and standing under them purifies a person. 


In different cultures, the water sources are normally used as venues for engaging the Divine, Spirit, and ancestors, and more importantly, the feminine. Most sacred wells, caves, and trees are considered isolated oddities because of the landscape's radical editing. More importantly, these spaces are often dedicated to feminine energy.

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